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DC 12V Lathe Press 795 Motor Table Saw Kit with Ball Bearing Mounting Bracket and Saw Blade for Woodworking Cutting Polishing Engraving
Type: 795 Motor
Material: Aluminum Alloy + Stainless Steel
Rated Voltage: DC 12 V
No-load Speed: 11000(rpm)
Saw Blade Diameter: 100mm / 110mm /120mm (optional)
Rated voltage12V
Speed12V 11000rpm
Former high level4.5mm
Front steps diameter17.5mm
Body diameter42mm
Shaft diameter5mm
Body length70.5mm
Length of output shaft at tail3mm
Diagonal installation pitch29mm
Mounting hole sizeM4
- This small table saw can be used directly, but to DIY, you need to assemble it yourself.
- The motor contains five windings of thick copper wire with a cooling fan.
- The overall engine speed setting, not even high speed, but the torque is large.
- Extensive power supply, all DC 12V power supply can be directly powered, and work perfectly.
- It provides great help for use, and it is faster and more convenient.
- Can be used for various applications of debris deflection, include PCB design, etching, polishing, 
cutting, woodworking, remote control models, robotics, home and gardening, and so on.
- Do not tighten the bolts and rotate at high speeds in the opposite direction of the bolts 
to avoid unnecessary problems when dropping, or cover with a protective cover.
Package included:
1 x 795 Motor
1 x HSS Saw blade
1 x Mounting Bracket
1 x Saw Blade Connecting Rod
1 x Small Wrench
2 x Screws
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