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CHIHAI CH-SM1545-M3xP0.5 Permanent Magnet Stepper Linear Motor 2-phase 4-wire Miniature Motor Metric M3 Right-hand Thread
BrandChihai Motor
ModelCH-SM1545-M3xP0.5 Permanent Magnet Stepper Linear Motor
MaterialStainless Steel
Outer Diamand15 x 14.5 x 88mm
Shaft DiameterOut shaft M3 x P0.5 (drive screw) 
Material: SUS303 Right-handed CW
Drive Mode2-phase 4-wire drive
Voltage rangeDC3.0-12.0V(rated)  9.0V(drive)
WeightAbout 40g
Suitable ForMicro slide table, micro 3D printer, micro engraving machine, micro entry
and exit warehouse intelligent equipment, etc.
Rated VoltageDC9.0V (test drive IC chip: L6219)
Phase Current500mA/Phase
Phase Resistance10±10% ohm Ω
Drive Mode2-phase 4-wire
Step Angle18°/Step
Pull-out Torque230g AT 125pps
Maximum Self-starting Cycle Number900PPS
Maximum Response Cycle Number1300PPS
Insulation ClassClass E
Insulation Resistance50M Ω  DC500V
Operating Temperature Range0-+55°C
- Stainless steel support shaft ensures stable linear drive;
- Large torque, adjustable, positive and negative;
- Low energy consumption and low noise;
- Powerful, durable and long life;
- Applied to Equipment, robot, camera, household and other fields.
Motor Use Precautions:
- Confirm that the motor voltage is correct before use, and the DC motor needs to confirm whether the power supply current is sufficient;
- It can not be overloaded. The cause of overload is mainly divided into two parts. The torque and the force of the shaft, the load torque can't exceed the rated torque of the motor. The force of the shaft can't exceed the axial and radial forces of the shaft. After the load, the measured current of the motor can't exceed the rated current. Generally, the motor must be equipped with a fuse to avoid overloading the motor.
- Do not store or operate in high temperature or humid environment, and do not place in corrosive gas, which will reduce the motor effect;
- When assembling the transmission parts such as gears and pulleys on the motor shaft, do not knock abnormally when pressing in;
- When soldering the motor terminals of the positive and negative poles of the power supply, the soldering iron temperature should be 340 °C ± 40 °C, and the heating time should not be deformed within 3 seconds. In the work, let the solder point flow into the motor or break the end of the wire, which will make the motor Functional decline;
- When installing the motor, pay attention to whether the screws are too long and prevent the excessively long screws from touching the parts inside the motor.
Package Included:
1 x Chihai Permanent Magnet Stepper Linear Motor

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