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MACHIFIT JGY370 worm gear motor 6V 55rpm brush DC reduction motor with auto-Locking fits for lampblack machine


Voltage 6V
Output shaft8mm, M5 threaded rod, double flat
Deceleration ratio90
No load current ≤100MA
No Load Speed55rpm
Rated torque
Rated speed45rpm
Rated current ≤0.6A
Stop current3.3A
UsageBoat, Fan, Domestic Appliance, Car


- Can change shaft rotation direction while the wiring positive and negative be changed.
- It is also have addition two characteristics: 
First, With self-locking, the output shaft can not rotation when switch off, that is self-locking. 
Second, Gearbox output shaft and motor shaft are come to be a rectangle.
- Large torque, durable and long service life.
- Specially used for range hood. 

Package Included:
1 x JGY370 Worm gear motor 

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