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Chihai CHW-GM12-N20VA DC 6V 18rpm Worm Gear Motor Gear Box Worm Reducer Electric Motor


VoltageDC 6V
Max power0.6W
No-load current≤ 70mA
No-load speed18rpm
Rated-load speed12rpm
Rated-load current≤ 0.25A
Stall torque≥
Stall current≤ 0.65A


This type is a miniature DC worm gear motor, reversible, variable and self-lock.
With self-locking function, the output shaft can't be rotated by certain force when switching off.
Gearbox output shaft and motor shaft are 90 degrees, it's widely used in various of occasions that require special install size.
According to these characteristics, worm gear motors are widely used in windows and doors opening and household electrical appliances, car model, boat model,
robot model, DIY engine, Industry application, house application, home automation, mini winch and other occasions. 

Torsion of motor is too large. Frenquent start-up or blockage of motor is prohibited.

Package Included:
1 x CHW-GM12-N20VA Worm Gear Motor 

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