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ChiHai CHW-4058-3162(31ZY) DC 12/24V 110/220RPM permanent magnetic worm gear reducer motor fits for intelligent car engine.

Model: CHW-4058-3162(31ZY)
Outer Diameter Size: 40 x 36 x 117mm (excluding axle and wiring terminals)

Axle Diameter: Axle Output Diameter 8mm, D Type, D Thickness 7.0mm 
Output shaft length: 15mm D length, 13mm long, both sides output shaft 
Type 80 Type input motor 
Working Voltage (V)DC 12.0 DC 24.0 
Max. power (W)20 35 
Reduction ratio1:361:72
No-load current (mA)≤400≤200
No-load speed (RPM)220110
Rated torque (
Rated speed (RPM)17587
Rated current (A)≤1.6≤1.2
Plugging torque (≥25.0≤50
Blocking current (A)≤6.5≤5.0


1. Pure copper winding wire
    The rotor is made of pure copper with low resistance and high conductivity, which improves the motor torque.
2. D axis font
    D-shaped shaft, more convenient to install, not easy to slide, save installation time.
3. All metal structure
    Wear resistant, torsion resistant, long service life, smooth operation.
4. Reducer adopts ball bearing structure
    Low friction resistance, low noise, long service life, fast heat dissipation, high precision and strong composite capacity.
5. The service life in the nominal torsion range is more than 2000H, delivery of the maintenance. (Ultra-twist life is going to be drastically reduced)
6. frequent blocking or frequent start-up and upset are not recommended in the process of use, which will significantly reduce the service life.

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1 X CHW-4058-3162 DC Motor  

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