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Chihai CHR-775S permanent magnetic Holzer encoder DC motor, 24.0V 8000RPM / 12.0V 4000RPM robot driving motor.


Diameter: 42mm x 85mm 
Shaft diameter: 5mm
Shaft length: 15mm
Usage: Boat, home appliance, car
Working voltage12V24V
Rotational Direction     CW/CCW
No-load speed4100rpm8200rpm
No-load current0.45A Max.0.55A Max.
The rated
Rated speed3200rpm7000rpm
Rated current2.50A Max.3.50A Max.
Rated power13W70W
Locked-rotor torque≥2.2≥5.0
Locked-rotor current≤12.0 A≤25.0 A
Start the voltageDC 3.0V

Planetary deceleration motor, intelligent robot, electric curtain, intelligent balance car, intelligent manipulator, etc.



1. Pure copper wire winding
The rotor part adopts pure copper group, small resistance and strong conductivity, so that the motor torque increases.
2. patch type magnetic Holzer encoder.
Patch Holzer, signal output stability.
3. Built in cooling fan blades.
Balance heat dissipation, ensure operation temperature and ensure stable operation. 
4. the service life of the rated torque range is longer than 1000H, and maintenance free. (super torque life will be greatly shortened.)

Package Included:
1 X Chihai CHR-775S DC motor

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