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Material: Aluminum alloy
Color: Silver
Speed: 50mm/s
Voltage(V): DC 12V
Max Load: 100N
No-load current: <1A
Max load current: =3A
Working Frequency: 20%
Stroke length: 100mm
Solar tracking system;
Agricultural machinery;
The wedding system;
Industrial electric lifting system;
The medical electric bed, surgical bed, traction bed;
Electric equipments: Electric sofa, Electric lifting lever, Electric booth, Electric sunroof, etc;
Chair for medical use: Electric wheelchair, Massage Chair, dental chair


- With reliable performance, sensitive action stable running
- The same characteristics of push and pull
- Good environment adaptability
- Heavy duty and long lasting motor
- Good quality aluminum alloy material
- High performance motor
- Built-in high quality limit switch
- The low noise design, noise level below 65 dB
- Multiple purpose applications linear actuator
- Commonly used in automotive, medical devices and engineering industry.

Package Included:

1 x Linear Actuator Motor
2 X Mounting Brackets

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